Head Radical MP Tennis Racquet

Head Radical MP Tennis Racquet

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With innovative Auxetic technology delivering outstanding impact feel and enhanced playability, the upgraded HEAD Radical MP 2023 Tennis Racquet offers the ideal blend of power, control and spin. Engineered for all-court players, the versatile Radical MP features exclusive technologies, including Sound Grommets which enhance your power through greater string movement while optimizing sound and vibrations. If you love to mix it up, you will adore the Radical MP, which has Graphene in the frame, a variable beam cross-section which balances power, control and spin, and a dynamic 16/19 string pattern. Known as `The People's Racquet`, the Radical series has a bold, new, asymmetrical design.

  1. Innovative Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel.
  2. Modern blend of power, control and spin.
  3. Highly versatile for all-court performance players.
  4. Improved comfort over the previous model.
  5. Auxetic - Auxetic constructions show a unique deformation compared to non-Auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the applied force, the bigger the Auxetic reaction.
  6. Sound Grommets - Sound grommets provide enhanced power via greater string movement and optimize sound and vibrations.
  7. Variable Beam - The variable beam cross-section perfectly balances the power, control and spin of the racquet. Graphene Inside - Strategically positioned in most Head racquets, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimizes energy transfer from racquet to ball.
  8. Control Pattern - A more dense 16/19 string pattern provides the perfect mix of control and power.
  • Frame Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
  • Head Size: 98in
  • Grip Size: 4 1/2in
  • Length: 27in
  • String Pattern: 16/19.