HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical S Tennis Racquet,

HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical S Tennis Racquet,

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The HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical S 2021 Tennis Racquet is a flexible and maneuverable racquet that caters to a expansive range of performers. It belongs to the Radical succession by HEAD, popular for allure blend of capacity, control, and spin.

  1. The racquet includes HEAD's Graphene 360+ electronics, that takes advantage of Graphene in the racquet's frame for revamped strength transfer, balance, and capacity.
  2. The Radical S usually looks a midplus head breadth, varying from nearly 98 to 102 square inches. This specifies a good balance middle from two points capacity and control, contribution a plentiful sweet spot for regular try-making.
  3. The racquet has a moderate pressure, usually varying from about 280 to 295 grams (9.9 to 10.4 ounces). This burden admits for a blend of capacity and ability to move, providing performers accompanying a equalized feel all along their strokes. The balance is usually lightly head-light, reinforcing racquet ability to move and fast swings.
  4. The Radical S ordinarily facial characteristics a somewhat open succession pattern, to a degree 16x19 or 16x20. This pattern admits for raised spin potential, permissive performers to produce more spin on their shots.
  5. The consolidation of the racquet's burden, balance, and strand pattern supplies a balance of capacity and control. It offers enough capacity for assertive shots, while still providing performers accompanying the control and accuracy wanted for agreeing chance installation.
  6. The Radical S is created expected maneuverable, admitting performers to fast respond to various shots and fluctuate the court without difficulty. This form it appropriate for performers the one favor a more dexterous and receptive racquet.
  7. The racquet includes HEAD's Graphene 360+ science, that strengthens the frame at indispensable content for reinforced strength and capacity. This electronics helps increase strength transfer from the racquet to the sphere, happening in a more effective and strong reaction.
  8. The Radical S usually visage a smooth and new design accompanying HEAD's tainting, including a association of insolent banner and principles of art that adjoin a touch of style to your game.
  • Frame Weight: 280 g / 9.9 oz
  • Head Size: 102in
  • String Pattern: 16/19.
  • Length: 27in