Dunlop FX700 V23 Tennis Racket

Dunlop FX700 V23 Tennis Racket

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The Dunlop Sports FX700 V23 Tennis Racket is a high-performance racket designed for players who seek power and spin on the tennis court. Here's a description of its technical benefits and technology: Technical Benefits: 1. Power and Spin: The FX700 V23 racket is specifically designed to generate maximum power and spin in your shots. Its construction and design elements optimize energy transfer and string bed response, allowing you to generate more power in your swings. Additionally, the racket's open string pattern enhances spin potential, enabling you to create greater topspin and slice on the ball. 2. Stability and Control: Despite its focus on power, the FX700 V23 maintains stability and control. The racket's design and weight distribution provide excellent stability during powerful shots, minimizing racket twist and providing a solid feel. This stability ensures that you have control over your shots, allowing for precise ball placement. 3. Comfortable Feel: The FX700 V23 racket incorporates technologies that enhance comfort and reduce vibrations. This helps to minimize arm fatigue and discomfort during extended play, allowing you to perform at your best for longer periods. Technology: 1. Sonic Core Technology+: The FX700 V23 racket features Sonic Core Technology+, which incorporates Infinergy foam in the racket's core. This technology enhances the racket's shock absorption and dampening properties, reducing vibrations and providing a more comfortable feel upon impact. It also optimizes energy transfer for increased power and control. 2. Aero Boost Grommets: The racket includes Aero Boost Grommets, which are specialized grommets placed around the racket's frame. These grommets improve aerodynamics by reducing air resistance during your swing, resulting in increased racket head speed and power potential. 3. HM6 Carbon: The racket utilizes HM6 Carbon, a high-modulus carbon material that enhances the racket's overall responsiveness and feel. This material helps to increase power, stability, and control while maintaining a lightweight design. In summary, the Dunlop Sports FX700 V23 Tennis Racket is a powerful and spin-friendly racket designed for players who want to enhance their power game. With technologies like Sonic Core Technology+, Aero Boost Grommets, and HM6 Carbon, this racket offers improved comfort, power, and control. It is an excellent choice for players who value power, spin, and a comfortable feel on the tennis court. Head Size: 107 sq in Length: 27.5" RA Stiffness: 69 Unstrung weight: 9.3 oz String Pattern: 16x18