Diadora Women`s Blushield Torneo 2 Clay Tennis Shoes (White /Blueprint/Pink Yarrow)

Diadora Women`s Blushield Torneo 2 Clay Tennis Shoes (White /Blueprint/Pink Yarrow)

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Blushield Torneo 2 W AG is the women’s tennis shoe designed for all-levels players, for an use on hard surfaces or clay courts. Upper made of SuprellTech, air mesh and d-skin, for excellent stability, breathability and comfort, soft lycra lining with non-slip design. Removable, dnattivo insole; midsole of light EVA and arch reinforcement to improve stability; Blushield technology at the metatarsal. Outsole of rubber with special wear-resistant Duratech 5000 compound. 1. Brand: Diadora is an Italian sports apparel company known for its high-quality athletic shoes. 2. Blushield Technology: The Blushield technology is a cushioning system used in Diadora shoes that aims to provide optimal shock absorption and stability during movement. It helps reduce the impact on joints and enhances overall comfort. 3. Clay Court Design: These tennis shoes are specifically designed for clay court surfaces, which often require different traction and durability compared to hard courts or grass courts. 4. Color: The color scheme you mentioned is White / Blueprint / Pink Yarrow, indicating a combination of white, dark blue (blueprint), and pink hues. 5. Women's Fit: The shoes are designed to cater to the shape and biomechanics of women's feet, offering a comfortable and supportive fit. 6. Durable Materials: Tennis shoes need to withstand the demands of the sport, so they are typically constructed from durable and breathable materials. 7. Supportive Sole: The outsole of the shoe is likely designed to offer traction and grip on clay surfaces, allowing players to move effectively on the court. 8. Lightweight: Tennis shoes should be lightweight to facilitate quick movements and reduce fatigue during matches. All-levels players Weight: 330 gr / 11.6 oz (size 5 UK) Drop: 10 mm (0.39 in)