Diadora Men's B.Icon 2 Clay Tennis Shoe (White/Black/Blue Corsair)

Diadora Men's B.Icon 2 Clay Tennis Shoe (White/Black/Blue Corsair)

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B.Icon 2 Clay is the men’s tennis shoe made for fast players, purposely designed for clay courts. Upper made of SuprellTech, air mesh and d-skin, plus outer hook for excellent stability. Anatomic insole of shock-proof EVA; midsole dd anima C.C.B. Outsole made of rubber, with wear-resistant Duratech 5000 compound. This shoe was designed to have maximum comfort, lightness, flexibility and breathability. It is not recommended for players who mainly use the sliding technique to their advantage during the match (''sliders''). Excessive rubbing may reduce durability. Diadora Men's B.Icon 2 Clay Tennis Shoes in White and Black are a stylish and performance-oriented option for tennis players who play on clay courts. Diadora is a well-known sports brand, and its tennis shoes are designed to provide comfort, support, and durability for players during intense matches. Key features of the Diadora Men's B.Icon 2 Clay Tennis Shoes may include: 1. Clay Court Outsole: The B.Icon 2 is designed with a specialized outsole that provides excellent traction and grip specifically for clay court surfaces. The herringbone pattern on the sole helps to prevent slipping and allows for quick movements on the court. 2. Lightweight and Breathable: The tennis shoes are typically constructed with lightweight and breathable materials, offering comfort and ventilation during long matches. 3. Supportive Design: The B.Icon 2 may feature a supportive design, including cushioning and stability features that help reduce the risk of foot fatigue and injuries during play. 4. Stylish Color Combination: The combination of white and black colors gives the shoes a classic and stylish look on the court. Rubber sole Fast players Weight: 370 gr / 13 oz (size 8 UK) Drop: 10 mm (0.39 in)