Babolat Women's Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes Black/Living Coral

Babolat Women's Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes Black/Living Coral

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The Babolat Women’s Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes (Black/Living Coral) take the Babolat Jet Mach bestseller to a new level. Still designed to give you maximum precision and freedom in all your movements, the Jet Mach 3 is even lighter, more comfortable and stable thanks to the latest development in Matryx Technology. Its Michelin sole has been redesigned to be ready for each sudden start and stop while guaranteeing optimal durability.

  • Lightness Without Compromise - The Jet Mach 3 is designed to fly around the court. Thanks to the unique Matryx Evo material with carefully positioned PAHT and Aramid fibers, the shoe is ultra-light and wear-resistant without compromising on stability or support.
  • Comfort and Support - The KPRSX system has been updated to provide maximum cushioning at all stages of the game. The entire heel is now protected with softer EVA foam for shock absorption in any position. And the heel rocker helps the foot transition from slowing down to powering up. This support is like nothing else.
  • Sole Durability - The sole has been redesigned to meet the demands of the game more effectively. The tread is now bigger and thicker in the areas that wear the most, and reduced in places under less strain.
  • Active Flexion - A technology patented by Babolat. The shape and composition of the materials are segmented into 9 pressure points for maximum responsiveness.
  • Michelin Premium Technology - Michelin Premium rubber is the most durable composition ever developed and offers increased resistance and optimal grip.