Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes - Pink/Black - 6.5 US

Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes - Pink/Black - 6.5 US

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The Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes in Pink/Black color are designed to empower female tennis players with exceptional performance, comfort, and style on the court. These shoes combine advanced technology, reliable support, and a sleek design to enhance your game and keep you ahead of the competition. With their vibrant pink and black color scheme, the Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes bring a touch of energy and fashion to your tennis outfit. Technical Characteristics: Upper: The Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes feature a lightweight and breathable upper material that offers excellent ventilation and support. The upper is constructed with a blend of synthetic materials and mesh panels, ensuring durability and flexibility. It promotes airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during intense matches. Sole: These tennis shoes are equipped with a durable rubber outsole that provides excellent traction and grip on various court surfaces. The outsole's tread pattern is designed to offer stability and allow for quick changes in direction without compromising balance. It ensures reliable grip for confident movements on the court. Cushioning: The shoes incorporate Babolat's advanced cushioning technology in the midsole. This technology provides exceptional shock absorption and comfort, reducing the impact on your joints and muscles during intense gameplay. The cushioning ensures a comfortable and supportive playing experience, even during extended matches or rigorous training sessions. Support: The Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes are designed to provide reliable support during lateral movements. They feature reinforced areas around the heel and midfoot, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of injuries. The shoes offer a secure and supportive fit for confident play. Closure System: These shoes come with a secure and adjustable lace-up closure system. The customizable fit ensures a snug and comfortable feel, providing the necessary support and stability during your matches. Specifications: Product Name: Babolat Jet Tere AC Women Tennis Shoes Color: Pink/Black Size: 6.5 US Upper Material: Synthetic and mesh Sole Material: Rubber Closure System: Lace-up Cushioning Technology: Advanced shock absorption