Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel Blue

Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel Blue

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The Babolat Synthetic Gut Tennis String Reel in Blue is a versatile and popular string option that offers a balanced combination of comfort, playability, and durability. This string is a classic choice for tennis players of all levels and ages, and its white color adds a clean and timeless look to any tennis racket. The blue color of the string adds a vibrant and stylish look to any tennis racket, giving players a unique appearance on the court..

  • String Type: Synthetic Gut
  • Gauge: Typically available in various gauges, such as 16G (1.30mm) or 17G (1.25mm)
  • Length: Approximately 660 feet / 200 meters (full reel)
  • Color: Blue
  • Comfortable Feel: Babolat Synthetic Gut offers a comfortable and forgiving response, making it suitable for players seeking a softer impact and reduced arm strain during play.
  • Playability: This string provides good playability, making it a well-rounded option for players who desire a balanced performance in terms of power, control, and touch.
  • Durability: While not as durable as polyester strings, Synthetic Gut strings still offer decent longevity, making them a popular choice for players who don't break strings as frequently.
  • Versatility: The balanced performance of Babolat Synthetic Gut makes it suitable for players of all playing styles, from recreational to intermediate levels.
  • Reel Format: The string comes in a reel format, allowing for convenience in stringing multiple rackets or customizing string tension according to individual preferences.