Babolat RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel Dark Grey

Babolat RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel Dark Grey

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Dark Grey
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The Babolat RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel in Dark Grey is a high-performance tennis string that offers exceptional spin potential and control on the court. This reel is designed to provide professional-level performance and is suitable for players who want to enhance their spin game. Here are some key features of the Babolat RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel: 1. Rough Texture: The RPM Rough string has a textured surface, featuring an octagonal shape. This rough texture helps the strings "grab" the ball, allowing players to generate increased spin on their shots. The extra grip provided by the rough texture enables better ball bite, resulting in more spin potential. 2. Co-Polyester Construction: The string is made from a co-polyester material that offers durability and longevity. This construction ensures that the strings maintain their tension and performance even during intense play. 3. Dark Grey Color: The dark grey color of the string reel adds a sleek and stylish look to your tennis racket. It complements various racket designs and can give your racket a professional appearance. 4. Reel Packaging: The RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel comes in a reel packaging, which typically contains a sufficient length of string to restring multiple rackets. This is convenient for players who frequently restring their rackets or for professional stringers. The Babolat RPM Rough Tennis Racquet Reel is known for its exceptional spin potential, control, and durability. It is popular among advanced and professional players who rely on spin as a crucial element of their game. Length: 660 ft 200m Colour: Dark Grey Made in France Gauge: 1.25mm / 17G Technology: 8-sided co-polymer monofilament polyester (Co-PET) with silicone coating