Babolat RPM Power Tennis String Blue

Babolat RPM Power Tennis String Blue

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Babolat adds a new RPM string with RPM Power. The string brings a completely different vibe to the popular RPM franchise. With their innovative CO PET-C extrusion technology, Babolat created a round shaped string with increased feel while keeping the string crisp and control-oriented. RPM Power slides easily against itself to help impart spin on the ball. The string is used on tour by Dominic Thiem. Expect RPM Power to be the most powerful polyester in the RPM String franchise.Construction: Co-polyester Mono-filament Color: Blue Most Powerful RPM String Special Coating adds Crisp Feel CO-PET-C Extrusion Process Gauge: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm Length: 40 feet / 12 m