Babolat Hybrid Rpmp125 + Xcel 130 Tennis String

Babolat Hybrid Rpmp125 + Xcel 130 Tennis String

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The Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast 125 + Xcel 130 String is a high-performance tennis string combination designed to provide players with exceptional power, spin, and comfort on the court. This hybrid string setup brings together the best of both worlds by combining the durability and control of the RPM Blast 125 with the added comfort and playability of the Xcel 130. The RPM Blast 125 string, known for its incredible spin potential, features a unique octagonal shape and a co-polyester construction. This design enables players to generate immense topspin, allowing the ball to dive sharply and stay low over the net. The RPM Blast 125 also provides excellent control, making it easier for players to place their shots precisely where they want. Complementing the RPM Blast 125, the Xcel 130 string offers enhanced comfort and feel. With a multifilament construction, this string delivers a soft and responsive touch, reducing the vibrations transmitted to the player's arm upon impact. The Xcel 130 also provides great power, adding a lively pop to shots and contributing to an overall more enjoyable playing experience. By combining these two strings in a hybrid setup, players can benefit from the strengths of each string. The RPM Blast 125 offers superior durability and spin potential, while the Xcel 130 brings added comfort and power to the equation. This combination is ideal for players seeking a balance between control and comfort, allowing them to confidently unleash their shots with precision and authority. Whether you're a competitive tournament player or a recreational enthusiast, the Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast 125 + Xcel 130 String offers a winning combination of power, spin, and comfort, giving you the edge you need to dominate the game. Elevate your performance on the court with this exceptional hybrid string setup from Babolat.. PRODUCTS SPECS : Color: Multi-Coloured Size: 25/30 Brand : Babolat Sport: Tennis Material: Compound Skill Level: All