Babolat RPM Hurricane Tennis String Reel

Babolat RPM Hurricane Tennis String Reel

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The Babolat RPM Hurricane Tennis String in Yellow is a high-performance tennis string designed for players who seek control and spin. Here are the key features and specifications of the Babolat RPM Hurricane Tennis String: 1. String Type: The Babolat RPM Hurricane is a polyester monofilament tennis string known for its durability and ability to generate spin. 2. Gauge/Thickness: The string is available in a gauge of 1.25mm or 17G. This gauge indicates the thickness of the string, with a lower number representing a thicker string. A 1.25mm gauge provides a good balance between durability and playability. 3. Color: The Babolat RPM Hurricane Tennis String comes in a vibrant yellow color. The color not only adds visual appeal but also enhances visibility during gameplay. 4. Reel Length: The string is sold in a 200m (660ft) reel. This reel length allows for multiple stringing jobs or the ability to string multiple rackets without needing to purchase additional string sets. 5. Spin and Control: The RPM Hurricane string is designed to offer excellent spin potential and control. The string's textured surface helps grip the ball, allowing players to generate more spin and have better control over shot placement. 6. Durability: The polyester composition of the RPM Hurricane string provides excellent durability, making it suitable for players who frequently break strings or hit with heavy topspin. Construction: Extruded co-polyester monofilament Color: Yellow Gauge: 17 g / 1.25 mm Length: 660 ft / 200 m