Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets

Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets

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The Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets are particularly devised for young hopeful tennis performers the one are ready to take their abilities to the next level. With allure appealing Sky Blue color and prime creation, these racquets offer a perfect blend of depiction, control, and comfort for subordinate performers. The Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets are devised to stimulate assurance and help young performers expand their method and hold the game.

  • The Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets are design accompanying a inconsequential frame namely smooth for younger performers to handle. This allows young performers to swing the racquet easily and form keen, regulated shots without difficulty. The inconsequential design advances better ability to move on the court.
  • These racquets are created accompanying the particular needs of younger performers in mind. They feature a smaller time distinguished to adult racquets, making bureaucracy smooth to handle and admitting young performers to claim decent form. The grip height is likewise tinier, providing a wealthy and secure hold for tinier hands.
  • Yonex guarantees the staying power and endurance of these racquets by utilizing superior matters in their explanation. The solid frame and healthy series are buxom to bear the demands of subordinate performers and bear the rigors of practice and equals.
  • The Yonex Jr Sky Blue Tennis Racquets supply wonderful control and balance for young performers. The racquet's equalized design admits for exact shots and helps junior evolve their method accompanying revised veracity. This cohesion boosts regular and reserved sphere installation on the court.
  • The Sky Blue color of these racquets increases a touch of style and liveliness. The visibly attractive design understand to capture the consideration of young performers, rousing their love for the game and pushing their assurance on the court.
  1. Brand: YONEX
  2. Head Size: 98 sq.in.
  3. Weight: 7.4 oz /Length: 23 in.
  4. Material: Aluminum
  5. Stringing Pattern: 12 x 14
  6. Racquet Type: Junior tennis racquet
  7. Balance: Balanced for control and stability