Head Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racquet

Head Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racquet

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HEAD refreshes Novak`s racquet of choice, the HEAD Auxetic Speed Pro Tennis Racquet. This racquet features HEAD`s Auxetic construction within the racquet bridge, for a sensational impact feel. The frame features a dense 18x20 string pattern, 100 square inch head, and a 23 millimeter beam to provide world class control to big hitters. Carrying over from the previous version, the 2022 Speed Pro features Graphene Inside for better stability and ball speed. The Speed Pro is a unique player`s racquet because it pairs a dense string pattern with the slightly thicker, yet aerodynamic Speed Beam. The racquet has large Power Grommets to increase string movement for more power, and they make the racquet easier to play. The Speed Pro is designed for big hitting intermediates, and advanced players who prefer a dense string pattern. Expect this model to offer a little more pop than most racquets within the control segment.

  1. Refined black and white cosmetic keeps the Speed looking fresh
  2. Auxetic construction provides better feel than the previous generation.
  3. The Speed Pro is one of the most comfortable racquets on the market for big hitters.
  4. Lighter swing weight means faster than the previous generation.
  5. The Speed Pro 2022 incorporates Head's Graphene 360+ technology. This technology utilizes graphene, a lightweight and strong material, to enhance stability, power, and feel. The "+" denotes the inclusion of spiral fibers in the lower part of the frame for improved flex and a cleaner feel.
  6. The Speed Pro 2022 offers a good balance of power and control. The mid-sized head size and dense string pattern provide control and precision, allowing players to place their shots accurately. The racquet's weight and balance contribute to power and stability, providing the necessary punch to hit aggressive shots.
  7. The Speed Pro 2022 is designed to be highly maneuverable and responsive. Its slightly headlight balance and relatively lower weight allow for quick racquet head speed, making it easier to generate spin and react to fast-paced shots.
  8. The Speed Pro 2022 performs well on various court surfaces. Its versatility makes it suitable for players who enjoy playing all-court tennis. Whether on clay, hard court, or grass, the racquet offers consistent performance and adaptability to different playing styles and conditions.
  9. The Speed Pro 2022 showcases a sleek and modern design, featuring Head's signature colors and logo. The racquet's aesthetic appeal complements its performance and stands out on the tennis court.
  • WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 310 g / 10.9 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
  • BALANCE: 315 mm / 1 in HL
  • LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
  • BEAM: 23 mm