Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Junior 25 Inch Tennis Racquet (Blue)

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Junior 25 Inch Tennis Racquet (Blue)

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All of the technology and performance of the Babolat Pure Drive but in a lighter, more maneuverable racquet adapted to young, competition players. This new junior racquet is ideal for a 9-11 year old that has been playing tennis for quite a while and is looking to advance into tournament play. The 10th generation Pure Drive Jr. 25’ is two inches shorter than the adult racquet.

  1. NEW HTR System: A new lay-up composition for an improved High Torsional Rigidity to yield unseen explosivity, especially on powerful shots played at high intensity.
  2. SWX PURE FEEL: New technology featuring extended wrapping of SMAC technology. This cutting-edge vibration dampening system integrated in the lay-up provides an unrivaled feel at ball impact and unique sounds on every shot.
  3. Woofer Technology: Woofer is the first dynamic technology which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. Woofer delivers 10% more power than conventional racquets, and ensures that the strings retain their energy longer. It enlarges the sweetspot area for every racquet size. This technology enables 25% more contact between the ball and the strings for optimal control, feel and increased spin.
  4. Elliptic Geometry: Optimal design to guarantee the best torsion resistance: +20% stiffer compared to a traditional beam. Better maneuverability with more power.
  5. FSI Technology: Frame String Interaction Technology- with a new, tighter string pattern and optimized Woofer System, the FSI technology allows for better control with each strike of the ball.
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in
  • Length: 25 in
  • Strung Weight: 8.4 oz
  • String Pattern: 16 mains x 19 crosses
  • Grip Size: Junior-specific
  • Weight and Balance: Varies based on size
  • Brand: Babolat