Babolat Evo Aero Lite Prestrung Tennis Racquet (Yellow)

Babolat Evo Aero Lite Prestrung Tennis Racquet (Yellow)

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The Babolat Evo Aero Lite Tennis Racquet is lighter than the standard version making it the perfect racquet for juniors transitioning to their first adult racquet or players wanting maximum maneuverability and comfort with every shot.

The Babolat Evo Aero Lite Tennis Racquet is designed to provide maximum maneuverability and comfort on the court. It is lighter than the standard version, making it well-suited for specific player categories.

  • Lighter Weight: The Evo Aero Lite is specifically constructed to be lighter than the standard version of the racquet. The reduced weight enhances maneuverability, allowing players to swing the racquet with greater ease and speed.
  • Ideal for Juniors Transitioning to Adult Racquets: The Evo Aero Lite lighter weight and increased maneuverability make it an excellent option for junior players who are transitioning from junior-sized racquets to their first adult-sized racquet. It provides a bridge between the two, allowing them to adapt more comfortably to the new racquet.
  • Comfortable Feel: With its emphasis on maneuverability and comfort, the Evo Aero Lite offers players a more forgiving and comfortable experience during play. This is beneficial for players who prioritize comfort and want to reduce the risk of arm strain or fatigue.
  • Suitable for Players Seeking Maximum Maneuverability: Apart from juniors transitioning to adult racquets, the Evo Aero Lite is also well-suited for players of any level who prioritize maneuverability over other factors. It allows for quick racquet movements, making it easier to generate spin and control shots effectively.

Experience the combination of speed, control, and comfort with the Babolat Evo Aero Lite Tennis Racquet. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, this racquet will help you elevate your game and dominate the court.

  1. Head Size: 660 cm², 100 square inches
  2. Length: 685 mm
  3. Weight (unstrung): 260 g +/- 7g
  4. Balance (unstrung): 320 mm +/- 7mm
  5. Swing Weight: 270, Stringing Pattern: 16/18
  6. Stiffness (RA): 64, Section: 23/26/23
  7. Composition: GRAPHITE