Yonex VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) Tennis Racquet

Yonex VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) Tennis Racquet

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Yonex adds the sixth generation VCORE 98 Plus Tennis Racquet to the popular VCORE family. Yonex built Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) into the handle to help filter out unwanted vibrations and improve touch and precision. The brand has added a new technology called 2G-NAMD FLEX FORCE from the upper throat to the lower frame. The graphite material allows the racquet to flex and snap back quickly to increase spin potential. The sweet spot of the VCORE 98 Plus feel huge thanks to the Isometric head shape and new String Sync Grommets which promote greater string movement for faster snapback. The racquet features a slightly wider face at the 10 and 2 o`clock positions of the head to raise the sweet spot slightly for improved stability. At the top of the racquet head, the beam has been thinned out to improve maneuverability on fast swings. Aero Trench and Aero Fin technologies carry over from the previous generation to reduce air resistance and improve racquet head acceleration. The 16x19 pattern offers a solid blend of spin potential and power, and at only 10.8 ounces unstrung the VCORE 98 is easy to accelerate through contact. The VCORE 98 Plus is 27.5 inches long, and it features a very high swing weight. It is very stable in the hands of advanced players, but might be a little cumbersome for beginners.

  1. Extra half inch boost power and spin capabilities
  2. Vibration Dampening Mesh vastly improves the racquet's comfort
  3. Heavy swingweight is cumbersome but it can help crush the ball.
  • Construction: The VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) is carefully think out utilizing finest materials and leading electronics to better depiction. It is planned to give a perfect balance of control, power, and establishment.
  • Head Size: The racquet lineaments a midplus head content, usually around 98 square inches, contribution a exact and reserved reaction. This head magnitude provides a big-hearted sweet spot for logical ammunition-making and optimum power.
  • Stability and Responsiveness: The racquet's explanation is planned to determine stability and openness. Yonex's sciences, in the way that the 3D Vector Shaft and Namd element material, enhance the racquet's inflexibility and openness, giving a continuous and connected feel sorry for each chance.
  • Plus Length: The VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) appearance an comprehensive length, usually about 27.5 inches. The additional time provides supplementary influence, capacity, and reach, permissive players to produce illegal head speed and punish raised force.
  • Maneuverability: Despite its lightly more protracted time, the VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) debris maneuverable and agile. Its equalized burden disposal and controllable swing burden allow performers to move the racquet rapidly, furthering smart reaction periods and exact chance installation.
  • Comfortable Feel: Yonex prioritizes player comfort accompanying the VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen). The racquet's building helps lower quiverings, providing a more comfortable feel upon globe impact. This helps underrate fatigue and admits performers to stay focused and appreciate the willing comprehensive periods.
  • sleek Design: The VCORE 98 Plus (6th Gen) face a sleek and up-to-date design, reveal Yonex's emblematic banner and branding. Its visibly attractive esthetics adjoin a touch of style and confidence to your game on the tennis court.
  • Head Size: 98 sq.in.
  • weight: 305 g / 10.8 oz
  • Length: 27.5 in.
  • String type: 16 x 19
  • Balance: 325 mm