Yonex Astrox 22 F Badminton Racquet Black/Lime

Yonex Astrox 22 F Badminton Racquet Black/Lime

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The lightest Yonex badminton racket to date with a frame weight of only approx. 63 grams! Despite its super low weight, the Astrox 22F offers very good playing characteristics. Recommended for hobby players up to players with an average club level! Very well thought-out concept with top-heavy balance in order to compensate for the low weight with sufficient flywheel. This is important so that there is enough power for smashes and clears. In addition to its feather-light weight, the racket is also ideal for aggressive defensive strokes and fast net play thanks to the stiff shaft. As usual for the Astrox series, this model is also equipped with the "Rotational Generator System"..


Ensures a stronger more flexible frame, while increased shaft flex creates maximum power.