Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V8 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V8 Tennis Racquet

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The Blade 98 (16x19) V8 is a tennis racquet offered by Wilson and is designed to cater to competitive players who seek enhanced feel, control, and stability in their game.

  • FORTYFIVE° Innovation: The racquet incorporates FORTYFIVE° technology, which manages to increase both the flexibility and stability of the frame. This technology is intended to provide a superior feel for the ball on every shot, enhancing the overall playing experience.
  • Modern Layup: The racquet's new layup design is tailored to accommodate the more common vertical swing path used by competitive players in the modern game. This is intended to optimize performance for players who have a more aggressive and precise ball-striking style.
  • 16x19 String Pattern: The open string pattern of 16 mains and 19 crosses allows for greater capacity to generate power and spin. This enables players to put more spin on the ball and generate more power on their shots.
  • Connected-to-the-Ball Feel: The Blade 98 V8 is designed to offer a more connected feel to the ball, providing players with better feedback on their shots and enhancing control and precision.
  • Color-Shifting Design: The racquet features a dynamic, color-shifting elastic finish, giving it a unique appearance as it morphs between shades of green and copper. This design element aims to appeal to both teammates and opponents alike.
  • Feel and Control: The Blade 98 V8 is designed to provide excellent feel and control for the ball, making it suitable for players who prioritize precision and touch in their game.
  • Power and Spin: The open string pattern and modern layup design enhance the racquet's capacity for generating power and spin, giving players more versatility in their shots.
  • Torsional Stability: The updated features and composition of the racquet improve its torsional stability, helping players maintain control during powerful shots and off-center hits.
  • Head Size : 98 square inches /632 square cm
  • Length : 27 inches / 68.58 cm
  • String Pattern : 16 x 19

Overall, the Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) V8 is targeted at advanced players who have an aggressive and precise playing style, and it offers a top-tier blend of feel, control, stability, and design to impress both players and spectators.