Gearbox Multifilament Core White Racquetball String

Gearbox Multifilament Core White Racquetball String

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Multi Premium String is extra resilient for max power and control

Gearbox Multi Premium String is the best string designed by Gearbox. If you are looking for the most power, control and durability from your string, multifilament is your best choice. The multifilament string option provides extra resiliency for max power while you play.  The multifilament construction gives you ultimate control. This is also a great string if you tend to snap string quickly.  The multifilament is the most durable option. Gearbox offers this string in both 18g and 17g configurations.
1200 Individual Nylon 66 Fibers, Impregnated with Urethane Resin, Covered by a Urethan Sheath for the ultimate string construction.
45’ length to string any racquet
The best performance string
String type is important when looking to get the best performance from your racquet.  The multifilament option is considered our high end string providing you with the best performance!
Thinner gauge string provides many benefits to your game:
Power is increased due to increased string resilience
Control is improved due to more ball bite.
Gearbox high end collections come with 18g mono from factory for best performance.
18 gauge string is our thinnest string and provides the best power and control from your Gearbox frame. The Multifilament string is offered in 18g.
Multifilament option is considered the best string designed by Gearbox.

  • Model: Multifilament Premium
  • Color: Back
  • Length: Pack (45')
  • Composition: 1200 Individual Nylon 66 Fibers impregnated with Urethane Resin,and covered by a Urethan Sheat
  • Feel: Softer and excellent Resiliency