Head Auxetic Extreme Team 2022 Tennis Racquets

Head Auxetic Extreme Team 2022 Tennis Racquets

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The Head Auxetic Extreme Team Tennis Racquet is the ultimate spin-machine for performance players, the Extreme Team has been upgraded with state-of-the-art Auxetic technology, helping you to spin big and create chaos. Designed for team players who are looking for spin and power. Along with a shaft that helps create extra spin, the Extreme Team has unique spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect on impact with the ball. Extreme performance comes with a fresh, daring design.

  • Auxetic - Auxetic constructions show a unique deformation compared to non-Auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the applied force, the bigger the Auxetic reaction.
  • Spin Shaft - The spin shaft provides optimized lateral stability, creating higher spin potential
  • Spin Pattern - The open 16/19 string pattern maximizes string snap-back for greater spin generation
  • Sound Grommets - Sound grommets provide enhanced power via greater string movement and optimize sound and vibrations
  • Spin Grommets - Spin grommets allow for greater main string movement in all directions for maximizing power and spin.
  • Graphene Inside - Strategically positioned, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimizes energy transfer from racquet to ball. When you buy your next racquet, be sure it has Graphene Inside.
  • New Auxetic technology for outstanding impact feel
  • Extreme spin for tournament players
  • Endorsed by Matteo Berrettini
  • Daring new design
  1. WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 275 g / 9.7 oz
  2. STRING PATTERN: 16/19
  3. HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
  4. BALANCE: 330 mm / 0.5 in HL
  5. LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
  6. BEAM: 23/26/21 mm