Wilson Sensation Control Tennis String Set - Natural

Wilson Sensation Control Tennis String Set - Natural

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Wilson's Duo Control is a hybrid string that blends NXT Control with Luxilon 4G Rough for a string bed optimized for spin, precision and tension maintenance.

Featuring a nylon fiber core wrapped in Liquid Crystalline Polymer ribbons, Sensation Control delivers a comfortable feel with increased firmness for enhanced durability and optimized control. Adapted for the big-hitting modern game, this string essentially dials up the control and mutes the power of the original Sensation.


  • Nylon bundles of Xycro Micro fibers contribute comfort and playability
  • Liquid Crystalline Polymer ribbons provide added feel and control
  • Maintains feel and comfort of Sensation with muted power
  • String Gauge: 16L (1.25MM), 16G (1.30MM)
  • String Material: Poly-Ether-Ether, PU