Head Graphene 360 + Speed PWR Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene 360 + Speed PWR Tennis Racquet

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The SPEED PWR comes along with a bigger head size and a higher beam, which makes it perfect for the player who is looking for speedy and powerful support.

The SPEED PWR gives serious players who need a lighter racquet, more speed and power thanks to its bigger head size and higher beam while still providing swift maneuverability. It features the Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers for an enhanced flex and clean impact feel. Just like the rest of the SPEED silo, the SPEED PWR scores with a new design with an asymmetric combination of matte white and glossy black. GRAPHENE 360+ is the combination of HEAD's signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative spiralfibers for enhanced flex and clean impact feel.

  • Head Size: 740 cm² / 115 in²
  • Length: 695 mm / 27.4 in
  • Balance: 345 mm / even
  • Weight: 255g / 9.0oz
  • String type: 16/19
  • Beam: 26/26/28 MM
  • Head Size: 740 cm² / 115 in²
  • Length: 695 mm / 27.4 in
  • Balance: 345 mm / even
  • Weight: 255g / 9.0oz
  • String type: 16/19
  • Beam: 26/26/28 MM