Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat Pure Aero Team tennis racquet shares many characteristics with its sibling, the Pure Aero, but with some slight differences to cater to players who prefer a slightly lighter and more maneuverable racquet. It is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced players who want a combination of power and spin without sacrificing control.


  • Head Size: 100 square inches / 645 square centimeters
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.5 centimeters
  • Strung Weight: Approximately 10.6 ounces / 300 grams
  • Balance: 4 points head light
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Composition: Graphite

Key Features:

  • Aero Modular Technology: Like other racquets in the Pure Aero series, the Pure Aero Team incorporates Aero Modular Technology, which optimizes the frame's aerodynamics to reduce air resistance and enhance racquet head speed, allowing players to generate more spin.
  • FSI Spin Technology: The racquet features FSI Spin Technology with a 16x19 string pattern, which helps players produce increased spin on the ball, adding control and depth to their shots.
  • Graphite Construction: The racquet is constructed with high-quality graphite material, providing a good balance of power, stability, and feel.
  • Head Size: The 100-square-inch head size offers a blend of forgiveness and precision, making it suitable for players looking for a versatile racquet that performs well in various situations.
  • Lightweight: With a strung weight of around 10.6 ounces, the Pure Aero Team is considered a lightweight racquet. This characteristic aids in maneuverability, allowing players to react quickly and execute shots with ease.
  • 4 Points Head Light Balance: The racquet's balance is shifted slightly towards the handle, which can contribute to added stability during shots and help players generate more racquet head speed.
  • Babolat Syntec Pro Grip: The racquet comes equipped with the Babolat Syntec Pro grip, which offers a comfortable and tacky feel, ensuring a secure hold on the racquet.