Babolat Pure Aero Team Rafa Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Team Rafa Tennis Racquet

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The "Babolat Pure Aero Team Rafa" Tennis Racquet would likely be a special edition racquet designed in collaboration with Rafael Nadal, also known as "Rafa." The racquet would be inspired by Nadal's playing style and preferences, aiming to offer a combination of power, spin, and control, similar to the characteristics found in the standard Babolat Pure Aero line.

  • Head Size: Around 100 square inches (645 sq cm), providing a balance between power and control while offering a generous sweet spot.
  • Weight: Approximately 10.6 to 11.0 ounces (300 to 312 grams) unstrung, offering a blend of maneuverability and stability.
  • Length: The standard length of 27 inches (68.6 cm) for a typical tennis racquet.
  • Composition: Graphite or graphite composite materials, providing a combination of stiffness and power.
  • Balance: Slightly head-light or balanced, enabling players to easily maneuver the racquet and execute their shots with precision.
  • String Pattern: An open string pattern, such as 16x19 or 16x20, to facilitate spin generation.
  • Technologies: Incorporation of Aero Modular and FSI Spin technologies from the Babolat Pure Aero series to enhance aerodynamics and spin potential.
  • Cortex Pure Feel: Likely equipped with Babolat's Cortex Pure Feel technology in the handle to dampen vibrations and improve overall feel and comfort during play.
  • An aerodynamic frame integrating the bumper and grommets increases your racquet head speed and spin generation.